Monday, June 17, 2013

They're tired already!

Well after some technical difficulties we are online with the blog. Unfortunately the only way I am making it work is on my phone! So please excuse my fat finger errors as we go!

We had a bit of a flight delay Friday, but only by hour. We made it to the hotel ate our pizza,made a few dozen new friends from Hawaii, Kansas and Missouri, and headed to bed.

Saturday morning started early for the kids...we were up and ready to hit the road for Gettysburg, PA at 8 am. Keep in mind that Is 7 am Central and 6 am for our kids from the Mountain time zone!

Unfortunately we hit another little bump in the road. Our bus company sent us a 25 passenger bus for 27 passengers. That wasn't going to work After more than a 40 minute delay we were back on the road.

While we did lose some museum time at the Visitor Center, our time with Miss Betty and some of the ghosts of Gettysburg made up for part of of our lost time.

We then toured the battlefield with Licensed Battlefield Guide, Fred Hawthorn. He was probably one of the best guides I have ever hired at Gettysburg.

The kids got to hear about the battle from two perspectives... The voice of a southern woman and the voice telling the story from the history books. Remember history is written by the side that won and sometimes there is a little more to the story. They got to hear a little more.

A bonus of the day was getting to witness some live cannon fire on the battlefield.

When I am back to where I have wi-do I will try to post the video for you.

Some of the kids took the opportunity to nap on the way back to the District.

Dinner was an adventure for some...yes that is lobster!

While others couldn't stray too far from comfort food.

Be sure to ask your students which memorials were their favorites. Virginia is basking in the beautiful view of the Tidal Basin and Washington Monument from the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

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Location:Gettysburg and Washington DC